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ROBAX® glass-ceramic is extremely heat resistant. For a short time, this glass can withstand temperatures exceeding 1000 °F, while still maintaining an enjoyable view and providing superior protection from fire hazards. This product has a thickness of 3/16", and can be cut to fit many shapes and sizes.


A fire-rated and impact safety-rated material, PYRAN® Platinum is made from a transparent glass-ceramic material. A special 3M film is applied to the surface for superior protection. It is fire-rated up to 90 minutes. This product is environmentally friendly, as it is produced without the use of harmful toxins. PYRAN® Platinum has a thickness of 3/16", and can also be cut to fit many shapes and sizes.

Both ROBAX® and PYRAN® Platinum have a variety of applications including, but not limited to, gas and wood fireplaces and wood, coal, and pellet stoves. Specialty Screen & Glass is one of the few glass companies in the Cincinnati area that will cut this type of glass to just about any size needed while you wait. Give us a call today!